Runnymede Borough Council recognises the importance of providing an excellent service to every member of our community. A core part of this is an open, responsive approach to feedback and complaints.

We recognise that, sometimes, we do not always meet the high standards we set ourselves. Your comments are important during these times as they help us to identify why things have not gone well and how we can improve in the future. 

We regard complaints as an expression of dissatisfaction about a Council service (whether the service is provided directly by us or by one of our partners/contractors) which requires a response. If you feel something has gone wrong, we encourage you to try to resolve matters with the person you have been dealing with first. 

Your complaint will be dealt with fairly and impartially and as promptly as possible. We aim to respond fully to complaints within 10 working days of receipt by the relevant staff who will keep you updated if that is not possible. 

If you lodge an intention to make a complaint, we reserve the right to regard it as ‘out of time’ if, after 4 weeks, you then do not provide us with the full details in order for us to investigate and respond.  However, each case will be treated on its merits.

Note: When using the online form you have 10 minutes to complete each page of the form, however, if you sign up for a OneAccount your form will be saved and you can return to it at any time. You might want to prepare your complaint in Word and then copy and paste the details of the complaint into the complaint form. You can also upload your Word file. When using Word to prepare your complaint ensure you include as much detail as possible such as date, time and nature of the complaint.

Make a complaint

Our Customer Charter explains what our residents should expect from us.

We regard service requests to be different from complaints. Complaints and service requests are logged and reviewed accordingly to make sure our service delivery is of a high standard.

If you make a complaint we will

  • let you know we have received it within three working days
  • ask the relevant service manager to investigate and provide a response within ten working days
  • apologise if a mistake has been made and provide an explanation about what has gone wrong
  • suggest how to put things right
  • give you a chance to escalate your complaint if you are not happy

 Complaints procedure