Council tax bands and charges

Council Tax bands and charges

The amount of Council Tax you pay depends on your property's band which is set by the Valuation Office Agency and not the Council.

The Government website has details about how domestic properties are assessed for Council Tax bands.

You can check your Council Tax band on GOV.UK by entering your postcode or find it on your Council Tax bill.

Annual council tax charges by band for 2023-24

Once you know your property's band you can use the table below to find out how much your Council Tax will be for the full year

Band Runnymede Borough Council Surrey County Council Adult Social Care Surrey Police Total
A £123.28 £971.43 £145.29 £207.05 £1,447.05
B £143.83 £1,133.33 £169.51 £241.55 £1,688.22
C £164.37 £1,295.24 £193.72 £276.06 £1,929.39
D £184.92 £1,457.14 £217.94 £310.57 £2,170.57
E £226.01 £1,780.95 £266.37 £379.59 £2,652.92
F £267.11 £2,104.76 £314.80 £448.60 £3,135.27
G £308.20 £2,428.57 £363.23 £517.62 £3,617.62
H £369.84 £2,914.28 £435.88 £621.14 £4,341.14

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