Garden waste collections

Garden waste terms and conditions

These garden waste collection service terms and conditions apply from 1 April to March 31. The fee applies irrespective of the date of subscription. Please be aware there will be no pro-rota charge.

  1. The agreement is made between the resident (customer) and Runnymede Borough Council (RBC) and sets out the terms and conditions under which the customer may use the Council’ garden waste collection service (the service).
  2. Customers can either pay
    1. online at 
    2. by telephoning 01932 838383 to make one-off payment 
    3. set up an annual Direct Debit - this service will be launched for eligible customers in 2023-24
  3. Only customers who have paid their subscription are eligible to receive this service. Collections will not be made on the day payment is made, even if this is the scheduled collection day. The first collection will be on the next scheduled collection following payment.
  4. Subscriptions cover the period 1 April – 31 March of the respective year and are payable in advance.
  5. All bins remain the property of the Runnymede Borough Council. Subscriptions are for the service only and are not transferable to another property.
  6. The cost of service (2023/24) is
    • £57 per 240 litre bin or
    • £36 per 140 litre bin
  7. The customer may subscribe to any number of bins per property, but the cost of the service is per bin, accordance with the yearly charge. There are no multiple discounts.
  8. There are no concessions or refunds.
  9. Subscriptions made during the year will be charged at the yearly rate. There will be no pro-rata charge.
  10. Garden waste bins will be provided free of charge however subscription charge fee for the service is required.
  11. The service will be suspended over the Christmas and New Year period.
  12. The customer may only use the designated paid for wheelie bin(s) for the collection of garden waste. The Council (RBC) will not collect garden waste presented by any other method.
  13. Customers will be responsible for the bin(s) which shall remain at the property in the event of the resident moving home. 
  14. Excess (side) waste will not be collected, neither will overweight bins.
  15. Bin lids must be fully closed prior to collection.
  16. Customers may use the service for the collection of garden waste only.
  17. Any bin found to contain material not specified on the website may not be collected. The customer will be required to remove the non-permitted material and the bin will be emptied on the following scheduled collection day.
  18. If the customer continues to put unacceptable material in the garden waste bins the service will be removed. In these circumstances no refund will be given for the garden waste subscription.
  19. Bins shall be left at the boundary of the property from 06.00am on the scheduled collection day. The bin handle should be facing the street or road. Bins should be retrieved by the customer within 24 hours after collection.
  20. The collection crew will not return for bins that have not been fully emptied due to overloading or because the contents are frozen. Customers must take action to prevent this situation occurring.
  21. Collections not made due to severe weather, or disruptions relating to issues outside the Council’ control, will not be refunded.
  22. Schools, churches, community centres can access the service. The same fees apply.
  23. Bins that are damaged or lost and reported as such will be replaced free of charge.
  24. On termination of the customer’ right to receive the service (however such termination occurred) the Council reserve the right to remove the bin() from the customer’ property. If  Direct Debit is set up and cancelled within the first 14 days the service will be cancelled. If Direct Debit payment is cancelled during the subscription year the service will continue but not renewed for the following financial year. 
  25. The customer’ statutory rights are unaffected.

Note: Garden Waste bins may not be collected on the same day of the week as the blue lid recycling bins or black rubbish bins. Subscribers should check their next collection day.

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