People disregarded from paying Council Tax

Carers, care workers and care leavers


They must live with the person they're caring for and care for them for at least 35 hours a week on average. The person cared for must be entitled to one of the following state benefits

  • a higher rate Attendance Allowance
  • the highest or middle rate of the care component of a disability living allowance or PIP
  • the appropriately increased rate of disablement pension
  • an increase in a constant attendance allowance

This discount is not applicable to people caring for someone they live with as a married or unmarried couple (including same-sex couples and civil partners), or a parent caring for a child under 18.

Care workers

They must provide care through a connection with the Crown, a charity or a local authority and

  • be employed in that capacity for at least 24 hours a week
  • be paid no more than £44 per week
  • live where they give the care

Apply for carer or care worker discount

Care leavers

From 1st April 2020, if you are a care leaver aged under 25 who is paying Council Tax or living with someone who pays Council Tax, we may be able to reduce the amount you pay.

How to tell if you qualify as a Care Leaver

You are deemed to be a Care Leaver if

  • you are aged under 25
  • you were previously in local authority care
  • you are supported by a personal adviser or someone from the Leaving Care Team within any local authority Social Services department

What will I pay?

  • if you live alone in the property you will have nothing to pay
  • if you live with other people, all of whom are Care Leavers, you will have nothing to pay
  • if you live with someone else who is not a Care Leaver the Council Tax bill will be reduced by 25%
  • if you live with two or more people who are not Care Leavers, no discount is available

The reduction can only be paid up to your 25th birthday.

How to apply

If you meet the above criteria and with to apply for this Council Tax discount, you can apply using the application form.

Care leaver application form

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