People disregarded from paying council tax

There are various groups of people who will not be counted for Council Tax, however you will need to apply for the relevant discount and show us evidence where requested.

Council Tax is considered to be 50% property based and 50% person based, and the Council Tax bill is usually based on two or more adults over 18 living in a property.  This means that when someone is “disregarded” from the Council Tax bill only the person element of the bill is reduced:

a) For example, a single occupier would receive a 25% discount as there is only one occupier and pay 75% of the charge.

b) Or two occupiers where one person is entitled to a Severe Mental Impairment disregard and the other qualifies for a Carer disregard would pay 50% of the charge.

In some cases, the property owner is responsible for paying Council Tax, meaning residents are exempt.

Apply for Council Tax exemption


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