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Nominations can be made by members of the public who know someone in their community who deserves celebrating, or by family and friends of someone who they feel deserves some wider recognition for what they do in the borough.

These awards are not just about recognising length of service to a community – we want to highlight fantastic contributions made by residents of all ages who have improved the lives of others or gone that extra mile or achieved something amazing.

Nominations need to

  • Provide clear evidence that the nominee has positively impacted the borough and residents
  • Explain why the nominee is an outstanding example of caring selflessly for others in the community, how they bring the community together or what they have achieved
  • Describe how the nominee is a “shining example” of active citizenship, bravery, community contribution or role model to others
  • Explain how the nominee has enhanced the reputation of the borough and/or enhanced civic or cultural life for residents

Nominations opened on Monday 6 November 2023 and closed at 9am on Monday 15 January 2024.

Hints and tips for successful nominations

  • Ensure that the work you are referencing, and any examples have taken place within 2023.
  • Choose the award you are nominating for carefully to ensure it is the best fit for your nomination.  Some categories are more popular than others, so competition can be tough for some of the award, so ensure you have nominated for the most appropriate one.
  • Quality over quantity!  Although it is impressive to receive lots of nominations, what really counts is the quality of the nomination and ensuring all the information has been provided to really impress the judges.
  • Don’t be modest… we want to hear how amazing the people and organisations of Runnymede really are.  Give us all the details!
  • Don’t be scared to enter… even if you think other people have a better chance of winning.  The judges will look at all the entries from many different angles, and everyone has a fair chance.
  • If you entered, were shortlisted or even won an award last year don’t let that stop you from entering again this year – just make sure your nominations focus on the achievements in 2023.
  • Send supporting documentation… we love to see pictures, facts and figures and anything else that helps provide evidence to the judges.
  • Ensure that the person you are nominating has agreed to be nominated and that you provide us with the correct contact information so that we can invite them to the awards ceremony if they are shortlisted.  

Contact us on if you have any questions or need any advice or further information

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