Runnymede civic awards

The rules

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  • No serving elected member, or staff, of Runnymede Borough Council can be nominated but they may nominate
  • Any individual you are nominating must live within the borough, or carry out activities which benefit the borough of Runnymede
  • Any group/club you are nominating must take place within the borough of Runnymede
  • Evidence to support your nomination must have occurred in 2023
  • You can only submit two nominations
  • All 'young' awards are for those who are aged under 18
  • An individual or group can only win one award. If they are nominated by different people for more than one award, the assessment panel will decide which category is appropriate
  • Nominations for party political related work cannot be accepted

The closing date for nominations is 9am on Monday 15 January 2024.

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Many thanks to Heathrow for supporting the 2024 Runnymede Civic Awards event

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Civic award nominations

The Runnymede Borough Council Civic Awards shine the spotlight on people making a difference to the Borough, yet whose efforts go unsung. Nominations for Runnymede Civic Awards are now closed

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