Fly-tipping on private land

If someone has fly-tipped on your land you want to know how you should deal with removing someone else's waste.

Do not touch the waste

Fly-tipped waste may include hazardous materials or items such as syringes, glass, oils and chemicals. Care must be taken.

Record the incident

You may have caught the actual act on camera but if you discover a fly-tip our advice is to record as much information as you can without going through the waste. Try to note the following

  • a rough estimate of the time it was dumped
  • what types of materials you can see
  • where it is located
  • any eyewitness accounts of the act
  • the size of the waste area (tonnes or cubic metres)


If you are the landowner it is your responsibly to clear the fly-tip, You can get advice from either the Environment Agency or our environmental health team.

You should cordon off the waste as best as possible until you have it cleared.

Fly-tipping is an illegal act and you can report it by calling the police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Arrange for fly tipping clearance

Whilst the disposal of the waste will be your responsibility, some of the cost may be offset if the culprits can be caught.

When finding a suitable company to take the waste away, you must ensure they have the capability to deal with the waste appropriately, especially if you believe there is hazardous waste present.

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