If you see any dumped waste tell us. All information about a fly-tip is helpful so record as much as you can 

To report a fly-tip

  • use the Search maps box below, enter the name of the street to find the location of the fly-tip
  • once you have found the exact location click on the map to start your report
  • submit photographs if you have any
  • add comments
  • submit your report

The fly-tip mapping layer is updated every 90 minutes.  Check the map first to make sure the fly-tip has not already been reported.

Fly-tipping is the illegal deposit of waste on land without permission. Not only is it illegal it is also harmful to the environment and costs the taxpayers thousands of pounds each year to clear up.

If you see any dumped waste tell us as soon as possible. All information is useful so record as much as you can including

  • location
  • type of waste
  • write down the vehicle number plate if viewed and details
  • details of what has been dumped
  • date and time

To report a fly-tip

  • plot on a map where you found issue
  • submit photographs
  • add comments

Report a fly-tip

Never put yourself at risk by collecting any potential evidence when you find and report a fly-tip.


Get in touch about environmental health

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