Damp and mould

Prevent mould and condensation

The only way to avoid severe mould growth is to eliminate dampness from condensation. Here are some tips to help prevent condensation and mould growing in your home

Heating thermostat set at 22 degrees


  • keep your home warm with a low background heat
  • air unused rooms frequently


Drying clothesWashing machine

  • Where possible dry clothes outside
  • Do not dry clothes on radiators instead use a clothes rack in a cool room with the door closed and window open


Bathroom Bathroom extractor fan

  • Where fitted always use extractor fans
  • Close connecting doors and open the window to let the air circulate


KitchenSaucepan with lid

  • When cooking keep the connecting doors closed and open the window
  • Put lids on pans and turn on any extractor fans


Windows Washing drying on a washing line

  • Whenever possible open windows to allow your home to air
  • Ensure trickle vents are left open


FurnitureChair and bookcase against a wall

  • Leave a gap between your furniture and outside walls
  • Avoid putting mattresses directly on the floor


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