Damp and mould

All about mould

Mould is a fungus caused by condensation. You may usually find it has grown in damp, unventilated areas of a house.

Mould can trigger allergic reactions and can sometimes produce toxic substances. It may also cause respiratory issues if not dealt with properly. Check your home regularly for condensation and mould to prevent health issues.

Buy fungicidal wash and treat the affected area.

TOP TIP: keep an eye on this for a week and if it returns, treat it again thoroughly.

Consider purchasing fungicidal paint which will assist in preventing mould.

TOP TIP: It will become ineffective if you then use alternative paint or wall paper to layer on top.

Reduce condensation as listed above to stop mould returning.

Mould can grow in any home, new or old. Modern homes are built with better insulation that reduces draughts but will stop water vapour escaping.

If you have done everything on the advice in this webpage and condensation and mould is still a problem in your home contact the Housing repair team on: 01932 838383

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