Damp and mould

Frequently asked questions

How can I reduce condensation?

  • Keep your house warm to prevent surfaces from becoming cold and condensation forming. Make sure you do not forget about unused rooms and set timers throughout the day for the heating to come on.

TOP TIP: if you will not be in save energy by setting the heating to come on a few degrees lower than usual.

  • Minimise moisture produced in your home. For example, open windows and try to dry clothing with a ventilated tumble-dryer. If this is not possible, when using a clothes airer, make sure the room is ventilated.

TOP TIP: to improve air circulation make sure your furniture is not pressed against walls and shelves/cupboard are not packed so there is airflow between items.

  • Stop moisture spreading after having a bath/shower, cooking or washing. You can do this by opening a window, using pan lids to catch the water vapour or use a built-in extractor fan followed by keeping the door closed for at least 20 minutes.

TOP TIP: As soon as condensation appears wipe it away

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