Report housing fraud

Report housing fraud

The Council fulfils a vital role in providing affordable homes to people with low income. Unfortunately, there are a minority of people who mislead the Council about their circumstances in order to obtain a tenancy. This is a serious crime that can have a significant impact on both the Council and tenants.

There are a number of ways that people can commit housing tenancy fraud, including

  • Falsely claiming to be a single person when they are living with a partner. This can result in the tenant paying less rent than they should.
  • Falsely claiming to be on a low income when they are earning a good salary. This can result in the tenant receiving housing benefit or other financial assistance that they are not entitled to.
  • Subletting the property without the Council’s permission, including a family member. This can result in the Council losing rent and the tenant being evicted.

The demand for social housing in Runnymede is outweighed by the number of our properties. Therefore, we must make sure our homes go to those most in need. People waiting for social housing will have an even longer wait if homes are occupied by those who are not legally entitled to them.

If you are unsure if you are committing housing fraud contact us on 01932 838383

If you suspect that someone is committing housing tenancy fraud, you can report it to us via email


Avoid committing housing fraud

You can avoid committing fraud by housing team about any changes in your circumstances as soon as they happen.

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