Support for Ukrainian nationals

Working in the UK

Щоб прочитати цю сторінку українською, перегляньте Google Translate Підтримка громадян України 

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Ukrainians have the right to work and recourse to public funds.

You can start work before you receive your National Insurance number if you can prove you have the right to work in the UK.

Apply for a National Insurance number: How to apply - GOV.UK ( 

Read your employment rights such as national minimum wage and hours

Employment status: Worker - GOV.UK ( 

Work Rights Centre Solidarity with Ukraine | Work Rights Centre 

Searching for jobs

Runnymede Borough Council emails local job advertisements we receive from businesses or job fairs. To be added to this list please email

Volunteering opportunities

Writing your curriculum vitae (CV)

You can find information about how to write your UK CV