Support for Ukrainian nationals

Information for sponsors

Щоб прочитати цю сторінку українською, перегляньте Google Translate Підтримка громадян України 

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Homes for Ukraine: sponsor guides

These guides outline important information for sponsors including responsibilities of sponsors and how sponsors may support their guests.

Runnymede residents offering support

Residents who wish to volunteer their home to host those fleeing the war in Ukraine can do so via the government's 'Homes for Ukraine' initiative. Further information on how the scheme operates and how residents can register are available on their website.

Guest arrival

The Ukrainian Resettlement Team at Runnymede Borough Council perform an initial safeguarding visit shortly after your guest(s) arrive and welfare visits thereafter every 3 months to support host and guests.

Thank you payments

Once sponsors pass all the checks, they can receive the monthly £600 thank you payment (topped up from £350 by Surrey County Council). One payment is made per accommodation; the size of the home or the family does not make any difference.

Further sources of support can be found on the Government website

Ending Host relationships

If you wish to end your host relationship after 6 months you must give 2 months’ notice to the council so we can help with move on needs (see sponsor guidance). Sponsors are encouraged to help their guests move into privately rented accommodation or to find a new host. Existing sponsors could ask friends, family or neighbours who may be interested in hosting, or a new host may even be found on social media. The Ukrainian Team at Runnymede Borough Council can help advise on all move-on options.