Telecare sensors and monitors are linked to a community alarm and provide additional support and assistance for individuals to live independently at home with added peace of mind.

Environmental sensors

These sensors work to help keep the home safe. They include

Smoke detectors
These sensors automatically alert our operators if there is a fire in the home.

Flood detectors
Tell us if there is a flood in the home for example if taps are left on accidentally.

Gas and carbon monoxide detectors
Automatically alert us if there are any leaks.

Bogus caller alert
Contact us with the simple press of a button if someone suspicious is at the door.

Wellbeing sensors

These sensors aim to assist with independent living. They include:

Fall detectors
Worn on the wrist, belt or around the neck, they alert us when someone falls, without any need to activate the alarm.

Pill dispensers
The dispenser gives access to the right number of pills at the right time and will alert us if they are not taken to make managing medication simple and reduce mistakes.

Bed and chair sensors
These sensors alert us if someone leaves their chair or bed and do not return within a specified time, or if they have not gone to bed by a certain time.

Movement detectors
Alert us when there has been no movement in the home for a certain time, or if intruders are detected.

Door contacts
Particularly useful for people prone to walking off, these can alert us when the front door has been opened, or not closed after a period of time.

Support for carers

For those that care for someone at home we can provide a device which alerts them rather than the Monitoring Centre in the first instance. We can link certain Telecare sensors to these such as bed, chair and door sensors allowing an immediate response  to support a loved one.

What do they cost?

Telecare sensors are available for an additional weekly charge depending on the type of device required. You are required to have a community alarm which costs £4.90 per week. Our staff will discuss the overall pricing before signing up.

To discuss your needs complete our request form 

Community alarm request form

Or call or email and a member of staff in get in touch


T: 01932 425865

Meals at Home can take the hassle out of meal time, delivering nutritiously balanced dishes hot and ready to eat to homes across the borough. Meals are delivered to the door or into the home between 11.30am and 2pm each day.

We provide a door-to-door transport service to appointments, facilities and social activities in Runnymede and the neighbouring area for older residents or those with a disability.

Our Community alarms service is exactly that - help at the touch of a button. Through a discreet device worn around the neck or wrist this round the clock monitored service gives emergency assistance, support, and reassurance to those who most need it, when they most need it.

We offer an invaluable GPS location service to help keep vulnerable people safe and provide peace of mind around the clock.

Social centres in and around Runnymede have a lively, friendly atmosphere and offer our older residents the opportunity to get involved in a range of activities, have a freshly prepared hot lunch and meet new people.