GPS location service

How the GPS location service works

Service users are provided with a pendant which can be activated by pressing the button, or an alert can be triggered automatically in certain locations. Regardless of how the alert is raised, the service is monitored around the clock with operators able to quickly contact the person or people most able to help there and then.

Our GPS Location Service will be triggered automatically if the service user strays from a pre-determined area, often referred to as a safe zone. If the person wearing the alarm moves out of this area an SMS text alert with their GPS location is sent directly to the contact centre team. This information is then used to contact a nominated person to respond, normally a family member or friend, who can help to ensure the pendant wearer is safe as quickly as possible.

Across the four boroughs in north Surrey, our GPS Location Service provides the added reassurance that the Telecare Contact Centre sits within a team monitoring CCTV cameras. On a number of occasions, CCTV footage has been used to get help to a GPS Location Service user. It has also been used to reassure those coming to the aid of service users.

Another important element is that text message updates can be sent to the Telecare Contact Centre about a service user's circumstances, such as a change in the boundaries of their safe zone.