Corporate Business Plan and strategies

Sustainable Fleet Management Strategy

On 25 April 2024, the Council adopted its Sustainable Fleet Management Strategy (SFMS). The Council’s vision guiding the Strategy is to ‘provide an environmentally sustainable operational fleet which delivers safe, reliable services to our communities, and which is affordable to the Council’. 

To deliver this vision, the three guiding objectives of the Strategy are set out as follows: 

1. Safe and compliant - All assets which make up our fleet will be maintained in a safe and legal condition prior to use to minimise health and safety risks to our staff and members of the public, and to ensure that they are suitable for their intended use(s) to enable effective service delivery. 

2. Fit for purpose and offers value for money - Assets will be treated as a corporate resource, and fleet requirements within service delivery will be regularly reviewed. The performance of assets will be monitored and reported with the aim of eliminating unnecessary expenditure. 

3. Environmentally friendly - Over the period of the strategy, the Council will work towards moving its fleet assets to net zero, taking into account their life cycle and component parts (including fuel). Replacement assets or related initiatives will also be expected to contribute to improving local air quality by reducing other harmful emissions where possible.

The strategy contains an Action Plan at chapter 9 of the document which sets out the activities that will be undertaken in the short term (2024-2026) to deliver on each of the strategy objectives.

PDF icon Sustainable Fleet Management Strategy (April 2024)