Corporate Business Plan and strategies

Empowering our Communities Strategy

Runnymede has a vibrant, energetic community with many voluntary and community groups. This provides an opportunity for the public sector to support and enable communities to own and develop initiatives. This strategy’s objectives are as follows.

We will set up a Citizens’ Panel of up to 900 residents drawn from all sectors of the community to ensure both qualitative and quantitative analysis can be carried out.

Voluntary groups will be supported where possible and encouraged to provide new activities and facilities.

Neighbourhood Planning will be encouraged as a way for communities to influence how their area develops.

Where finances permit, we will provide seed funding or assist with accessing funding from other bodies to help the voluntary sector to thrive.

We will present the best possible arguments to external stakeholders to preserve, protect and enhance local quality of life, for example on the River Thames Scheme and development of Heathrow.

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