Corporate Business Plan and strategies

Economic Development Strategy

We aim to ensure Runnymede remains leading economy in the south east, whilst acknowledging that the impact of the Covid pandemic, Brexit and the cost-of-living crisis is still yet to be fully felt. This strategy’ objectives are as follows.

Develop low carbon economy by acting ourselves and encouraging others to do so.

Encourage business relocation, expansion, and investment and support competitive advantage through engagement and networking.

Focus on collaboration and innovation to accelerate growth in tech clusters, and to establish CreaTech and cyber security as key sectors.

Developing the vibrancy and vitality of our town centres and growing the tourism and leisure sector.

Help employers access skills required for business growth, and for residents to have the appropriate qualifications and skills to access local employment opportunities.

Create an environment which allows for better infrastructure for sustainable growth.

PDFEconomic Development Strategy 2022 - 2026

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