Are you a landlord with a property to let?

Rent out your property and let us manage the tenancy for you through our Magna Carta Lettings service. We offer a fully managed service, taking the hassle out of being a landlord. We may even pay you an incentive of up to £3,000.

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We have a choice of two services, both of which are completely free (with no commission charges).

Both services include unique incentives, which make your net rent income comparable with letting agents' offers.

We have a very high demand for properties, particularly two bedroom properties, and therefore a constant supply of tenants.

For both services we provide a pre-tenancy service which includes:

Management Service

Equivalent to a letting agent's 'Fully Managed' service but without the commission and including repair costs and guaranteed rent payments.

We will provide:

  • Guaranteed rent payments (including void periods);
  • Security Bond up to the value of £3,500 for a three-bedroom property - (much higher than the 5 week security deposit cap);
  • Regular property visits;
  • Ongoing property management;
  • Repair allowance up to £300 per year.

Direct Let Service

Equivalent to a letting agent's 'Let Only' service but without the commission and including a cash incentive.

We will provide:

  • Security Bond equivalent to 3 months' rent or Security Deposit equivalent to 5 weeks' rent; 
  • First month's rent;
  • Commitment incentive of £1000 per bedroom;
  • Annual property visit;
  • Landlord Rent Guarantee Cover Insurance.

What do we require?

We can arrange all of this on your behalf:

  • New Gas Safety Certificate;
  • New Electrical Installation Condition Report;
  • Energy Performance Certificate (minimum grade E);
  • PAT Tests if applicable;
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms;
  • New door lock;
  • Proof of ownership;
  • Asbestos Survey for communal parts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I join both services?

    Unfortunately, not, you can either take advantage of our Management Service or our Direct Let Service.

  2. How long are the agreements for?

    Both Agreements are for a minimum of 2 years. However, the AST Agreement between the landlord and tenant will initially be for 1 year, to allow flexibility.

  3. Can I meet the tenants before a tenancy start?

    Yes of course. It is your property and therefore your decision. Some landlords like to meet beforehand where others prefer not to be too involved.

  4. On the Management Service, is the rent really guaranteed? Will I receive rent even in a void period?

    Yes and yes! In the unlikely event of a void period you would still receive rent payments.

  5. On the Direct Let Service, when do I receive the commitment incentive?

    This is paid 50% at the start and the remaining 50% at the end of the 2 year agreement.

  6. Can I serve notice and end the agreements?

    Whilst we would hope this doesn't happen, we understand that sometimes there may be unforeseen circumstances and you may have to service notice. There is a clause in the agreement to terminate if you wish.

  7. Can you pay me the £300 repair incentive so I can do the work needed?

    The repair allowance is not transferable to cash and is available through our contractors. Of course, you may use your own contractors but unfortunately not with the repair allowance.

  8. What support is in place for tenants?

We carry out regular property inspections for our Managed Service, and yearly property inspections for Direct Lets. The housing department also have a commitment to long term sustainable tenancies and as such have a sustainment team who can help with tenancy support.

Further information

See a sample Managed Service agreement Icon for pdf here [144.3KB] and a sample Direct Let agreement Icon for pdf here. [75.73KB]

See our guide for landlords Icon for pdf here. [1.92MB]

There is useful information on how to let and how to rent a safe home on the UK Government's website.

The Fitness for Human Habitation Act has recently come into force. A useful guide to hazards is available Icon for pdf here. [2.28MB]

All our landlords are required to have up to date Buildings Insurance.

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