Personal search of the Local Land Charges Register

A personal search is a search of the Local Land Charges register which you can carry out yourself free of charge at the Civic Centre, Addlestone. You will need to book an appointment. 

Appointment times are as follows

  • Monday to Friday 9am, 10am, 11am, 2 pm and 3pm

Please email with your preferred day/time

At your booking time arrive outside the main entrance and follow the instructions for using the hand sanitiser and temperature gauge.

We do not need search details or plans.

Examples of information recorded in the Local Land Charges register are

  • Tree preservation orders
  • Enforcement notices
  • Financial charges
  • Planning agreements

To request individual Con29 Part 1 replies (Enquiries 1 to 3.15) on a tailored report, you can apply online at Local Land Charges - apply & pay and then select Local Land Charges additional search fees

To check the relevant fee for enquiries 1 to 3.15 you would need to refer to our ‘Access to Information – CON29 (2016)’ document at the bottom of the Personal Search web page Personal search of land charges register

In the Free Text field, type in which replies you require, for example if you require the reply to the CIL Con29 enquiry 3.10 type in ‘Please supply the reply to Con29 3.10’

Please upload a Plan of the search site required, clearly edged in red.

If you need any further help/details of how to apply email

Timescales for providing these answers are in line with our published Search turn-around times on our Local Land Charges page

If you require any Con29 Optional enquiries these can be requested through our online search request service

Inspection of additional information under EIR will unfortunately not be possible whilst we are unable to offer in person appointments.

As advised above, we can offer a fully researched response to individual Con 29 questions if required.

February 2020: The Council is currently only able to provide limited access to the software required to carry out both parts of the personal searches at present. 

How to access Con29 data information

Road Register/Status - Surrey County Council have the status of the road available on-line at: Surrey interactive map - Surrey County Council

PDF icon to indicate a PDF file Access to Information - Highways Information [(Con 29 2016)

PDF icon to indicate a PDF file Access to Information - CON29 (2016)  

Assets of Community Value 

If you require any assistance with finding information which is currently available on our website please email