Local land charges

Fees and charges

Land charges fees and charges
Service Cost Response time
Residential search    
LLC1 £50.00 Approximately 10 working days
CON29 £205.00 Approximately 10 working days
Total residential search fee £255.00 Approximately 10 working days
Commercial search    
LLC1 £50.00 Approximately 10 working days
CON29 £260.00 Approximately 10 working days
Total commercial search fee £310.00 Approximately 10 working days
Optional enquiry CON 290 £21.00 each Approximately 10 working days
Additional enquiry - additional enquiries relating to highways must be submitted to the Highway Authority at Surrey County Council. £42.00 each Approximately 10 working days
Extra taxable assessment/parcel of land    
LLC1 £10.00 Approximately 10 working days
CON29 £30.00 Approximately 10 working days
Search in any part of the register £12.00 Approximately 10 working days

Document copying fee (legal agreements)

Please note, copies of planning documents can be obtained by emailing: planning@runnymede.gov.uk, a fee is payable for this service.

Planning Decision Notices (determined after 1997) can be downloaded free of charge on our website via the link below:

Tree Preservation Orders can also be viewed and downloaded free of charge via the link below:

£39.00 Approximately 10 working days
Copy search £12.00 Approximately 10 working days

Note: All fees listed are inclusive of VAT, where applicable.

To apply for a search use our on-line search application service 

Land charges search

If you need any help prior to applying for your search online or for any other Land Charges queries please contact a member of the Land Charges team at: land.charges@runnymede.gov.uk

Additional search fees - if you have requested a search online but need to make further/additional payments (LLC Staff would advise you of this), then please make your payment

Additional search fee payments

Request a copy document - please email Local Land Charges first with the details and to ensure who you need to make the payment to.  If Local Land Charges hold the document  then please make your payment

Request a copy document

Cancelling a search

If you need to cancel a search request prior to us commencing work a full refund can be given. However, 50% of the standard search fee monies will need to be retained for cancelled searches that have outstanding queries/monies as work will have already started on the search.

No refunds will be given for searches that have been accepted as valid as these will have already gone through to other departments for answering.

This cancellation policy takes effect as of 15.7.2019.

Get in touch about local land charges

The quickest way to contact us is by using our online forms which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need to speak to us give us a call during office hours and talk to our Customer Services team who will be happy to help.