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Safer Food Better Baking pack

Safer Food Better Baking was originally produced by Braintree District Council. It is based on Safer Food Better Business and is aimed at helping home cake makers comply with the legal requirement to have a documented food safety management system.

Before using this pack you should read the downloads called How to use Safer Food Better Baking and How do the diary record sheets work. These documents explain how the pack should be used and help you get the best use from it.

  • you should then work through the pack and fill in all the safe methods relevant to you (which are likely to be all the methods)
  • once you have worked through the pack you need to make sure you are following the safe methods every time you are producing cakes
  • every time you produce cakes for your business you will need to complete the diary record sheet

Further information

PDF icon How to use Safer Food Better Baking

PDF icon How the diary record sheets work

PDF icon HACCP Questionnaire

PDF icon Diary record sheets

PDF icon Safe Method - Cleaning Cloths

PDF icon Safe Method - Effective Cleaning

PDF icon Safe Method - Extra Care Foods e.g. eggs and edible glitter

PDF icon Contact list

PDF icon Safe Method - Allergies

PDF icon Safe Method - Clear and Clean as you Go

PDF icon Safe Method - Chilled Storage

PDF icon Cleaning Schedule

PDF icon Safe Method - Pest

PDF icon Suppliers List

PDF icon Safe Method - Preparation

PDF icon Safe Method - Maintenance

PDF icon Safe Method - Opening and Closing Checks

PDF icon Safe Method - Physical and Chemical Contamination

PDF icon Safe Method - Personal Hygiene

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