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Flooding advice

We will work with the emergency services to deal with flooding in the borough, but there are also many ways you can prepare to cope with a flood.

  • Flooding advice booklet

    A booklet providing general advice to help you prepare for and stay safe during a flooding incident.

  • Roles, responsibilities and contacts

    A list of organisations, what they are responsible for and their contact details.

  • Community Resilience Groups

    Community Resilience Groups are a way voluntarily support can be provided to your local community to plan for how it manages in the event of an emergency.

  • Am I at risk of flooding?

    You can see if your home or business is at risk from flooding, but remember that every flood is different so you should always be prepared.

  • Prepare for a flood

    If your home or business is at risk of flooding, you should make sure you have your own personal flood plan. Flooding can become a serious problem faster than you'd think, so don't leave this until it actually happens as you will not have time.

  • Types of flooding

    There are different types of flooding which can occur almost anywhere - not just near to rivers and coasts.

  • During a flood

    Advice on what you should and shouldn't do in the event of a flood, or when a flood is expected.

  • NEW Sandbag Policy

    From summer 2016 the Council has introduced a new Sandbag Policy. Further information about this policy can be found on this page.

  • After a flood

    When returning to a flooded home you should take care with the electricity and gas supplies and ensure you clean up properly to avoid contamination. Do not use a naked flame when entering the building.

  • Sewage flooding and blockages

    Sewage flooding can occur during a flood and is a health hazard. Sewers and drains can also become blocked at any time.

  • River Thames Scheme

    The Environment Agency and other partners are working together to reduce flood risk, secure the local economy and enhance the River Thames through a proposed programme of projects and investment known as the River Thames Scheme.

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