Eligibility for Storm Henk flood recovery framework grants

You can get funding support if you were flooded between 2 and 12 January 2024, if you meet one of the following two criteria*:

1. Flood water entered the habitable part of your main residential property or the operational areas of your business

This includes Park Homes, Houseboats and other main residential properties). Habitable areas include; porches, basements, voids under main living spaces, garages that are part of and can be accessed from the inside of your property. It does not include separate garages, outbuildings, holiday homes etc.

2. Flood water did not enter into habitable areas, but the local authority regards that the residence or business was otherwise considered unliveable/inoperable for period of 48 hours or more*

Instances where properties might be considered unliveable could include

  • where access to the property is severely restricted (for example upper floor flats with no access)
  • key services such as sewerage, water and power supplies are severely affected
  • properties affected by sewage flooding meaning it was unsafe to use. ie sewage in the living space, garden and sub-flood void
  • where there was significant damage to the property such that residents were advised for to vacate the premises for a period of time, regardless of whether they did vacate or not
  • HMO Eligibility of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), flats and student accommodation
    • HMOs should be considered “one front door” except where they are disaggregated for council tax purposes, in which case, each individual bill recipient will be eligible to receive the £500 community recovery grant provided they meet the criteria
    • blocks of flats should be treated under the same principles as HMOs
    • student accommodation is not eligible

Flooded gardens, outbuildings or garages will not usually render a household eligible but there may be exceptions where it could be demonstrated that such instances mean effectively that the property is unliveable.

*Only properties flooded internally are eligible for the Property Flood Resilience Grant.       


You must have applied for Verifying Claims

The District, Borough or County Council will likely ask for evidence of the flood impact to ensure you are eligible. This could include:

  • Photos/videos (with electronic time/date stamps)
  • Statement of impact from resident/landowner/business owner
  • List of stock/furniture/equipment affected
  • Council or utility company call reference number(s) if reported
  • Insurance Company reference (if applicable) 
  • Other proof of impacts e.g. access, utilities restrictions

The councils may check the information you provide against the records that are held by the other authorities. 

Holding, sharing and reporting data

The District, Borough or County Council must hold onto your information in case the grants process is audited. We also must share the information with the Government Department which provides the grant funding. Unless stated otherwise your data will only be used to administer, check and pay the grants, and support activities to reduce future flood risk. We will never share your details with third parties without your permission, including insurance companies.

Check Surrey County Council’s data protection policy for more information or search “data protection” on the relevant council’s webpages.

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