Homesafe Plus

Making a referral

What if I do not know which pathway to use?

By default the planned discharge option should be used. Only use the urgent discharge option for patients in hospital for less than 48 hours or where there is an unexpected discharge. Consult the staff referral guide for more detailed information about which referral pathway should be used. If, having done this, you are still unsure, call the borough council for advice.

What if I cannot provide some information?

Completing the form as fully as possible will allow borough councils to support a patient quickly and effectively. However, only information marked with a red asterisk is mandatory.

What if the referral system is down?

If the referral system is down please call 01932 425060 to make a referral over the phone.

Who can I contact if I have an enquiry?

Contact details for each of the boroughs co-ordinating this service are located at the end of the staff user guide. Referrals can be made between 9am-5pm Monday - Friday.

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