Filthy or verminous premises

Sometimes the condition of a home can become so poor that neighbouring or adjoining properties are affected.  

If you live near such a property and are being adversely affected we can assess if the property is ‘filthy or verminous’ under public health legislation.

A property may be ‘filthy or verminous’ where there is evidence of

  • rotting food, or an accumulation of human or animal excrement inside a property, and/or
  • an active infestation with vermin including rats, mice, insects or parasites (including their eggs, larvae and pupae) and no apparent or effective action taken to control vermin.

Where we find a property meets the threshold we may require the removal of offending material, or action to eradicate vermin.

Note that the legislation is narrowly defined on specific public health conditions and we cannot assist with hoarding of inert material or properties of unkempt or overgrown appearance.

If you have concern about the health of a resident (including  self-neglect if a resident is failing to look after themselves) but are not directly adversely affected in your property then kindly note that your concerns should be directed to the lead agency for social care, or in an emergency call 999


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