Freedom of information

Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR)

Under FOIA 2000 Part II Section 39 environmental information will be dealt with under EIR2004. These are similar to the Freedom of Information Act but are limited specifically to information regarding the environment.

The EIR grant a right for any person to request access to environmental information held by public authorities and for public authorities to take steps to proactively make environmental information available to the public.

The EIR interpret 'environmental information' widely, with the scope to include information such as health and safety policies or details about recycling.

In certain circumstances charges may apply. These charges will be in accordance with regulations 8 of the Environmental Information Regulations or other enactments.

In addition, for any requests made under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, any charges for staff time will be at £25 per hour (any charges for VAT are in addition to this).

If a charge is made, we will let you know.

Confirmation of payment due and how to pay will be given before the information is provided. Payment may be requested prior to provision of the information. A schedule of fees is published towards the end of our Budget Book 

Our current photocopying charges are

  • A4: 30 pence per page
  • A3: 40 pence per page

Please submit your request using the Freedom of Information request form

Submit a Freedom of information request

If you are not satisfied with this response you have the right, within 40 working days of receiving our reply to ask for an internal review. If subsequently you are not satisfied with the Council's decision you may apply to the Information Commissioner for a decision. Generally, the ICO cannot make a decision unless you have exhausted the internal review procedure provided by the Council. The Information Commissioner can be contacted at the following address

The Information Commissioner
Wycliffe House
Water Lane