Houses in multiple occupation (HMO)

HMO licence public register

The Housing Act 2004 stipulates that we must keep a register of all licences and temporary exemption notices that we have granted.

The following details will appear in the full register

  • name and address of the licence holder
  • name and address of the person managing the HMO or house
  • address of the licenced HMO or house
  • a short description of the HMO or house. In the case of HMOs this will include the number of storeys, rooms and amenities plus the maximum number of persons or households permitted to occupy the property
  • a summary of the licence conditions
  • the commencement date and duration of the licence

This is a summary of the register.

PDF icon Public Register

If you would like to see the full register it is available for inspection at the Civic Centre.  You can make an appointment by emailing



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