Severe weather


Rating Action required
Very low Some dislodged debris and branches may occur, with some very limited travel disruption. This is most likely to be on exposed or high level routes, on which vulnerable vehicles (high-sided) should be cautious.
Low Some branches or trees may be brought down, causing localised travel disruption. Drivers should be wary on exposed or wind prone routes, particularly those of vulnerable vehicles. Be aware of small debris being blown around.
Medium More widespread tree damage is likely, as is other debris such as slates dislodged from roofs. Some minor structural damage is possible, and there is a risk of injury from flying debris. Be prepared for disruption to travel, such as bridge and road closures, as well as localised interruptions to power.
High Widespread structural damage will occur, such as roofs being blown off, mobile homes overturned and power lines being brought down. Where possible avoid close proximity to high walls and standing beneath trees. There will be a risk to personal safety therefore unnecessary travel should be avoided. Widespread disruption to travel and power supplies is likely and may be prolonged.