Severe weather


Rating Action required
Very low Some slippery road surfaces may be possible due to small amounts of snow on roads and pavements, therefore traffic is likely to move slower than usual. Take extra care when walking, cycling or driving in affected areas.
Low Road networks will remain generally open, despite more widespread snow lying on roads and pavements. Localised travel disruption may occur, however will mainly only affect particularly prone areas. Journeys through affected areas are likely to take longer than usual, and extra care should be taken when walking, cycling or driving.
Medium Widespread snow will result in a number of road closures, with others passable only with extreme care and by suitable vehicles. Disruption to public transport is likely, and significant delays are likely to affect all journeys.
High Widespread deep snow will leave many roads closed and impassible. Driving in these conditions is highly likely to result in drivers becoming stranded and there will be a risk to personal safety. Significant disruption to all forms of transport, as well as school and infrastructure closures will likely disrupt normal day to day life. Any unnecessary journeys should be avoided.