Full Council

How to make request to speak?

Your written request must satisfy certain requirements

a) it must state whether you want to make a speech or ask a question

b) if a speech, it must say what you want to speak about (you do not have to set out the speech)

c) if a question, it must set out the wording of your question

d) it must give an address or an e-mail address, at which you can be contacted before and after the meeting. This is important because the Council's staff will use it to tell you whether your request is in order or to send you any material which may have to be given after the meeting

e) what your "qualification" is (see paragraph 2 above) i.e. whether you live, work, attend an educational establishment, or own or lease land in the Borough

Once you have lodged your request, Council staff will contact you before the meeting and tell you if all is in order for you to be heard at the meeting. They will also answer any questions you have about the procedure.

Please use our online form to request to speak or ask a question at Full Council.

Request to speak or ask a question