Full Council

Speaking at the meeting

You will have a maximum of 5 minutes to speak on a topic or to make any introductory remarks and to ask one question. The topic must relate to the Council's powers or duties, or affect the Borough or its inhabitants. However, there are certain restrictions

a) you cannot speak or ask about a specific planning application or planning decision

b) you cannot speak or ask about a specific application for a licence or permit

c) you cannot speak or ask about anyone's personal affairs

d) you cannot speak or ask about the limited range of matters where confidentiality in Council proceedings is protected by law (one of the Council's Legal or Democratic Services staff can explain the rules if you are afraid that something you want to say falls into this category). 

You must also avoid repeat questions. If your question, or one meaning the same thing, has been asked by a member of the public at a Council meeting within the previous six months you cannot ask it again.