Antisocial behaviour

Common types of incidents and how to report

Antisocial behaviour (ASB) is a broad term used to describe day to day incidents of crime, nuisance and disorder that can make people’s lives a misery - from litter and vandalism to public drunkenness or aggressive dogs.

Responsibility for dealing with antisocial behaviour is shared between several agencies, such as the Police, Council and Social Landlords. This can make it challenging to report incidents to the relevant authority. This guide is to help you decide where best to report an issue.


  • Ring 999 if it is an emergency. An emergency can be when a is crime in progress, the suspect of a crime is still nearby, a crime is about to occur, or someone is in danger of being hurt
  • Ring 101 if it is a non-emergency - if the crime has already occurred and the suspects have gone, or if you do not think it is an emergency
  • Report online at - You can report non-emergency crimes or antisocial behaviour via a form or through live chat.
  • Report via direct message on social media
  • Provisions are in place for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as “Silent Solutions” for those in an emergency who are unable to speak through fear of being heard
  • Anonymously Ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or you can report online at
    • The youth service of CrimeStoppers is called Fearless and reports can be made online at

Runnymede Borough Council

You can report most types of incidents on the Runnymede Borough Council website but please be aware that incidents will be responded to during working hours. For out of hours support, please contact the police.

  • Report Anti-Social Behaviour online
    For drug related reports, the Community Safety Team will submit an intelligence form to Police
  • Report Litter/Fly-tipping or Dog Fouling online
    You can also phone 01932 838383 or email
  • To provide information about fly-tipping, such as suspect names/vehicle details
    You can email
  • Report Noise online
    If the noise is occurring out of hours and is due to antisocial behaviour (loud music / parties / shouting), this will need to be reported to Police 
  • Parking - The RBC Parking team are only responsible for enforcing parking within RBC owned car parks with reports able to be made at the time by calling the office directly on (01932) 425197 or 435194 or emailing Vehicles parked in a dangerous manner should be reported to Police.
  • Report Bonfires online
    You can phone 01932 838383 or email environmental health

Surrey County Council Highways

  • To report highway issues such as potholes, street lighting or traffic lights, you should report on Surrey County Council website
  • Parking enforcement is undertaken by NSL (on behalf of Surrey County Council) for all formal parking control breaches, such as yellow lines, in permit bays without a permit, or overstaying. They can also deal with vehicles parked in front of a dropped kerb. Reports can be made via email to more information on Surrey parking enforcement and fines

Reporting advice for Surrey Fire and Rescue Service

  • Ring 999 to report incidents of fire
  • To support children or young people displaying an unsafe curiosity with fires, you can request a visit under the Firewise Scheme on the Surrey County Council website