Report business rate fraud

How we tackle business rate fraud

We are committed to protecting public funds from fraud. We have a dedicated fraud team that uses a variety of methods to detect and investigate fraud, including data matching, spot checks, and investigations. We also work with other government agencies and law enforcement to share information and collaborate on investigations.

Runnymede Borough Council tackles business rates fraud in a number of ways including

  • Data matching
    The council matches its own data with data from other government agencies, such as the Valuation Office Agency, to identify potential fraudsters.
  • Spot checks
    The council conducts spot checks on business rates assessments to verify the information provided by businesses.
  • Investigations
    The council investigates any suspected fraud cases thoroughly.
  • Prosecutions
    The council prosecutes fraudsters where appropriate.
  • Education and prevention
    The council works to educate businesses about business rates fraud and to prevent businesses from committing fraud in the first place.