Working for Runnymede Borough Council

Runnymede is one of 11 borough councils within Surrey, with our civic centre based in Addlestone. We are a modern, ambitious, and progressive Council, with vision. We are forward-thinking and we deliver award-winning services. Values driven, we are always looking to improve what we do, and work with our communities to ensure Runnymede remains a great place to live and work; both in the present and in the future.

Council structure

We operate in a political environment, with 41 elected members and a committee structure, supported by member working groups. Councillors set the overall policy direction of our work, and approve budgets and major changes to its constitution. Officers advise, and deliver against those policies and report back to Members.

Our services

The Council's Direct Services Operation which includes Refuse Collection, Recycling and Street Cleansing are based at Chertsey Depot along with a small number of other direct services.

List of services the council are required by law to deliver and service we choose to deliver


Get in touch about work opportunities

We are a flexible employer, with a range of family-friendly policies, good benefits and, where appropriate, adopt a hybrid approach to the workplace. We are transforming the way we work – so it’s an interesting time to take up a role in local government.