Tenancy agreement review

All social landlords, whether they are councils or housing associations, periodically review their tenancy agreements so they remain relevant and effective. This ensures tenants can enjoy their homes in peace and security.   

Before changes can be made to your tenancy agreement, the Council must consult with all tenants. 

We have reviewed the tenancy agreement, and the proposed changes include 

  • Clarity on succession rights 
  • Former tenant arrears   
  • Service charges   
  • Responsibility on prevention of damp and mould in your home
  • Communication on increase of service charges   
  • Clarity on what permission is needed before making home improvements and alterations
  • Details and explanation on lodgers and subletting

 All Council tenants will receive a letter which includes the proposed changes.

PDF Tenancy Agreement key changes

PDF Tenancy Agreement

Tenancy Agreement Review

The Council is working with the Housing Quality Network to assess our services. It’s really important we hear tenants’ views, so please join a focus group to talk together

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