Support with moving policy

The idea of moving can be daunting.

This is why we are improving how we can offer a helping hand to those wishing to move to a smaller, more manageable home.

By providing financial and practical support, tenants could move to a home they can afford, maintain, heat, and most importantly enjoy.

The benefits of moving to a smaller home

There are benefits to moving to a smaller home for under-occupying tenants such as

  • The Council can make adaptations to a home that can support a tenant’s physical needs
  • It may be a struggle to heat and manage a large home
  • An extra bedroom may have reduced Universal Credit or Housing Benefit

Making best use of housing stock

The Regulator of Social Housing requires social housing providers to make the best use of their stock:

Registered Providers shall develop and deliver services to address under-occupation and overcrowding in their homes.

Currently, the demand for housing in Runnymede outweighs the supply.

35% of Council homes are under-occupied. This is where tenants have one or more bedrooms more than they require. In many cases, these properties are occupied by older tenants whose children have since grown up and moved out.

By having larger properties available we will be able to help families who are homeless or are overcrowded.