Mobility scooter policy feedback

Lady using a mobility scooter

Some tenants may wish to own a mobility scooter which allows them to increase their mobility and independence. We aim to accommodate these scooters while maintaining safety standards. For this reason, our main ambition was to inform tenants of this policy.

The draft policy asked residents to:

  • Request permission from their Area Housing Manager
  • Keep their scooter in a designated storage and charging area
  • Ensure their scooter is insured
  • Carry out an annual service and Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) on their scooter

For full requirements please see the full policy.

PDF iconMobility Scooter Policy 2022-25

How we consulted

  • A pamphlet was created with all information relevant to those who reside in our Independent Retirement Living (IRL) schemes
  • Coffee morning at each IRL scheme
  • A dedicated web page was created where tenants could share their thoughts on the policy (visited 74 times)
  • An article on the policy was included on our online tenant's newsletter. Tenant's News


We recognise that due to the safety and fire risk that comes with the policy means that residents would have a limited impact on how the policy could be amended.

However, we do not want a policy to be an obstacle for residents to meet their needs. Therefore, when consulting we asked residents for their views on the arrangements of the policy and if it stopped them from having a scooter when they need one.

Comments from IRL residents included

  • 'Would like insurance and PAT testing organised by the Council'
  • ‘I would like insurance and PAT testing done by RBC. I fully agree with having everything under one umbrella for my own and the Council’s peace of mind knowing all procedures are followed.’
  • ‘Can the Council organise PAT and Insurance testing and add cost to weekly charge’

Policy changes

We only received feedback from IRL residents.

From listening to their feedback, we will now provide IRL residents with free annual PAT testing by our contractor. We could not organise insurance, as it depends on the scooter and the driver. We have however created an information pack for residents to use so there is clear guidance on what insurance should include.