Service Area Plans

Service Area Plans (SAP) are an essential element in achieving delivery of the Council’s Corporate Business Plan 2023-26 (CBP) and five related Corporate Strategies – Organisational Development, Empowering Communities, Climate Change, Economic Development and Health and Wellbeing. 

The CBP describes the key priorities for the Council to deliver over the period of the plan. Annual SAPs identify how the CBP will be achieved and is action-orientated, identifying resources required to deliver priorities and sets out where increasingly limited resources will be focused for the following financial year. 

Service Area Plans also include service-specific planned activities that may not be an activity identified as part of the CBP.  For example, where legislation or the regulatory framework has been revised, in which the service operates and needs to be compliant with.

Along with planned activities, Service Area Plans include a Mission Statement to document a narrative of the service area’s current position and its direction of travel over the period of the CBP, and a summary of each of the teams that form the service area and the core tasks they deliver. 

Service Area Plans 2024/25 

PDF icon Assets and Regeneration
PDF icon Chief Executive’s Office 
PDF icon Community Services
PDF icon Customer Digital and Collection Services
PDF icon Environment
PDF icon Finance
PDF icon Housing
PDF icon Human Resources
PDF icon Law and Governance
PDF icon Planning, Economy & Built Environment