Contaminated land

Contaminated land register

It is the duty of the local authority to maintain a public register of certain information relating to the remediation of contaminated land.

The public register is not a list of former industrial sites or a record of land which is being investigated by Runnymede Borough Council as a potentially contaminated land.

A public register entry is created when any of the following happens

  • the land is designated as a 'Special Site' (in which case the Environment Agency becomes the relevant enforcing authority)
  • a 'remediation declaration' is published
  • a 'remediation statement' is published
  • a 'remediation notice' is served

Runnymede Borough Council currently have two entries on their Contaminated Land Register:

The sites below have been investigated under Part2A of the Environmental Protection Act and found to require remediation.

Name and address of site National Grid Location Register Entry type
4 Bates Walk, Addlestone KT15 2DQ 505491, 163486 Remediation Statement
6 Bates Walk, Addlestone KT15 2DQ 505498, 163493 Remediation Statement

A copy of our current register with further information on these sites are contained in the public register.

PDF icon Contaminated land public register