Air quality

How air quality is assessed

We have a responsibility to review and assess the current and likely future air quality in the Runnymede area on a yearly basis.

Air quality is assessed against objectives for pollutants set out in the National Air Quality Strategy that are known to impact negatively on human health and the environment.

We measure air quality in the borough using a series of diffusion tubes which are replaced and sent for analysis on a monthly basis. The tubes are used to monitor the nitrogen dioxide levels in the air. The main source of nitrogen dioxide pollution is from road transport.

If you are affected by air quality, for example people who suffer from asthma, lung and cardiovascular disorders, you may want to sign up for the airAlert service to receive free air pollution alerts directly to your phone/email when levels in your area increase. 

The Clean Air Hub Clean Air Hub | Global Action Plan  is a great place to find out everything you need to know about Air Pollution.