Dropped kerbs

If you would like to lower the kerb outside your property you need to apply for planning permission if your road is classified.

Use Surrey County Council Highways interactive map to find out the classification of your road

  • select the Road & Transport - Public Maintained roads mapping layer 
  • find your house
  • click the road colour to see the road classification

Surrey interactive map

You can apply for planning permission via the Planning Portal which also includes details of fees and charges

Roads classified as  need to gain permission from Surrey County Council as the Highway Authority but do not normally require planning permission.

Private roads

To lower the kerb on private road you do not need planning permission, or consent form Surrey County Council. However you should ask for written permission from the owner() of the land.


If you are also proposing to create or replace hard surfacing/driveway in your garden, planning permission may be required for this.

Further guidance is available from the Planning Portal website.


Get in touch about planning

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