Legal agreements (S106)

Copies of S106 agreements

If a copy of the S106 agreement is not available via the Public Facing Module you can request a copy by emailing 

 You need to include the following information

  • Application Number(s)
  • Address of the site (both what it was originally called and what it is called now)
  • Contact details of the person who the copy needs to be emailed to, if it is different from the originator of the enquiry

All S106 agreements will be sent redacted.  If you require an unredacted copy let us know why when you make your original enquiry – the Council reserves the right to only send redacted copies under GDPR if it feels that sending an unredacted copy would breach this Legislation.

If you want the Council to send a copy of a S106 agreement there will be a cost of £39.00

SANGs/SAMM Unilateral Undertaking

These are a Unilateral S106 agreement (where the Council is not a signatory), and are used to secure the contributions towards mitigating the effects of the Thames Basin Heath SPA.

The Draft Unilateral Undertaking and further information can be found on the Planning Obligations page.