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Planning applications

The Council has a statutory duty to process both applications and appeals for which it is the Planning Authority and this includes not only planning applications but also matters relating to Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas; trees; advertisements; and Certificates of Lawfulness. We also provide advice to householders and developers including pre-application advice, dropped kerbs, protected trees and historic buildings.

  • Planning permission - do I need it?

    If you want to build an extension to your property or do other work to your home you may need to apply for planning permission. Some minor alterations and extensions, particularly to houses, can often be carried out without the need for planning permission. This is known as permitted development.

  • Apply for planning permission

    Make an online application for planning permission.

  • Planning applications search (current and historical)

    You can use the planning application search or the Council's interactive mapping service (Maps) to look at current and historical planning applications, you can also comment on current planning applications.

  • Pre-application advice

    In line with national planning policy the Council encourages pre-application discussions, particularly for major or complex schemes but the Council also extends this service to householders. The fees associated with pre-application requests depends on the nature of the proposal and relevant fees can be found in the Pre-Application Charging Schedule.

  • Planning applications: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions about Planning applications

  • Vehicle crossovers (dropped kerbs)

    You may require formal planning consent for a proposed vehicle crossover (or widening of a current crossover) depending on the classification of road where the crossover is proposed. Planning consent will be required for any proposed vehicle crossover on roads which are classified as A, B or C roads (all roads are classified A,B,C or D)

  • Works to trees and hedges

    We encourage you to submit your planning application online via the Planning Portal. Alternatively you can download the forms and email or send them to the Planning Business Centre. Applicants and Agents are advised to read the validation document before completing the relevant application form to ensure that all the required supporting documents are submitted with your application. Please note all applications are subject to current local, regional and National planning policies.

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