Phone and pay parking

RingGo is the pay by phone operator for Runnymede Borough Council for car parks and on street parking.

How RingGo cashless parking works

RingGo allows you to pay for your parking without having to visit a parking meter - you just need a mobile phone and a payment card.

You can register for RingGo either on the MyRingGo website, on a smartphone, or during your first RingGo call.

There is a 9p convenience charge for using the RingGo service. In addition, a text reminder when your session is due to expire and a text summary of your booking are also 10p each, but you can opt out of receiving and paying for these texts.

When you first call RingGo on 01483 34 22 66 it will ask you for

  • your number plate, make and colour of your vehicle
  • the location where you have parked (the five digit code shown on the signs)
  • how long you want to park for
  • your card details.

The next time you call, RingGo remembers you and just asks

  • to confirm the vehicle you want to park
  • to confirm the location
  • how long you want to park
  • your card security code.

How do I extend?

Simply call / text or go online to RingGo and it will ask you 

  • how long you want to extend for
  • your card security code

A text reminder when your session is due to expire and a text summary of your booking are 10p each, but you can opt out of receiving and paying for these texts

Is a ticket required?

No ticket is needed.

How do Civil Enforcement Officers enforce?

The Civil Enforcement Officers will look up your number plate on their handheld device to check if you are parked with RingGo.

How can I get a VAT receipt?

VAT receipts are available online to view and print 

Is there a Smartphone App?

Smartphone apps are available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry 10 phones.

With these you can register for the RingGo, pay for parking and access your RingGo account.

Can I text to park?

Once registered you can text to park, change number plate details and extend a parking session.

Simply text 0778 6203 121 giving location number, duration and card security code.

For more information visit the website

Can I call the RingGo parking service from a landline?

You are able to call the RingGo parking service to purchase parking regardless of whether you are calling from a landline or mobile.

If you call the RingGo parking service from a landline, the automated telephone system will ask you to enter your mobile number. If you do not own a mobile device, you can enter the landline number you are calling from (if it has not already been recognised). The system will then continue as normal asking for your details such as vehicle registration, location code and payment card information in order to park.


Get in touch about parking

The quickest way to contact us is by using our online forms which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need to speak to us give us a call and talk to our Customer Services team who will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can email the service direct.