Alternatives to bonfires

There are more suitable alternatives for the disposal of household and garden waste such as composting or using the Council's green waste collection service rather than having a bonfire.

If you must have a bonfire then you should follow these guidelines

  • avoid bonfires at weekends and on public/bank holidays
  • burn only dry material
  • never use petrol to light a fire
  • never leave a lit fire unattended or leave it to smoulder
  • never burn items or materials such as plastics, foam, painted wood, rubber or furniture
  • make sure you have a water supply to douse the fire
  • never light a fire on days when air pollution levels are high in the area - you can check the levels by telephoning 0800 556677 using quick dial code '53' when prompted
  • do not have a bonfire when it is damp, on windy days, or in the evening.

Report a bonfire

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