Artificial light

When a light is more than just light pollution or annoying it may amount to a statutory nuisance.

We may be able to assist if you are being substantially affected by artificial light, for example if you are getting direct glare from a neighbour's light into a room in your property, or where a light is waking you up.

A number of other factors also need to be considered in determining whether an artificial light source is causing a statutory nuisance:

  • the time of day/night
  • the location for example urban/rural
  • the brightness and duration of the light source
  • the nature or purpose of the light
  • the level of light pollution and the area affected
  • the effect on the person/people affected

Some types of premises are exempt, such as, railway premises, public service vehicle operating centres and goods vehicle operating centres.

Additionally, if a business premises that can demonstrate they are using the best practicable means to reduce light nuisance it may be used as grounds to appeal or as a defence if prosecuted.

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