Want to move?

If you want to move home, you could apply to transfer to an available council property. You could also agree to swap homes with another council tenant, this is called mutual exchange.

Transfer to an empty property

You can find a list of available properties and apply to transfer via the RBC Living and Homes website.

For us to offer you a transfer your existing home must be in good condition. We cannot offer you a transfer if you owe any council debts including rent or council tax arrears.

Transfers can often take a long time as there is high demand for housing, so you should also consider mutual exchange.

Mutual exchange

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, while we will work hard to process mutual exchange applications, the Council is unlikely to be able to confirm full consent for such moves at this time. This is because it may not be possible for us to safely fulfil all the necessary tasks involved in processing mutual exchange applications and because the council is prioritising urgent and essential visits to tenanted homes. There may also be delays due to the need to adhere to social distancing guidelines, minimising person-to-person contact and the impact that may have on how we organise and attend inspections.

The Interim Policy Statement on Mutual Exchanges during the Coronavirus pandemic is available Icon for pdf here. [64.36KB]

While government restrictions on moving home have been eased, there are still measures that you need to take in order to move safely and minimise risk to yourself and others. A full guide to what steps you need to take when moving home during lockdown can be found on the UK Government's website.

Swapping homes with another council tenant is often far quicker than waiting for a transfer. You can agree to move anywhere in the country using  Homeswapper, a national database of council tenants who want to exchange.

You will need written permission from us and the other landlord before you can exchange. You must be up to date with your rent and your existing home must be in good condition.

More information is in our Icon for pdf Mutual Exchange Policy [167.14KB]. To find someone to swap with, register with Exchange Locata. Once you have found someone to swap with, each of you will both need to complete a Icon for pdf Mutual Exchange Application Form [239.61KB].